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1. How Can PHP Generate Noise Images Faster to Use in the Background the CAPTCHA Validation Images

Updated on: 2022-09-15

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Blog: SimpleX Noise Algorithm package blog
Package: SimpleX Noise Algorithm

Noise is a signal that can cause certain disturbances. It is often associated with sound but can also be associated with an image.

Noise images can be helpful. For instance, you may use noise images to generate CAPTCHA validation images that may obfuscate a picture with text that the user needs to recognize.

The noise image can help obfuscate the text to make it harder for robots to recognize the text while humans may be able to identify it.

This package can generate noise data for creating noise images for CAPTCHA validation or other purposes.

It uses the SimpleX noise algorithm. This algorithm has several advantages over classic forms of generating noise like the Perlin algorithm.

For instance, the simplex algorithm requires less computing power to create noise.

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1. How to Use a PHP SAAS Boilerplate to Create Services for Customers that May Use and Pay Every Month to You as the Developer

Updated on: 2022-09-14

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Blog: Laravel SAAS Boilerplate package blog
Package: Laravel SAAS Boilerplate

A Software As A service (SAAS) is an application that a business provides to its users.

Often SAAS users may pay a given amount to have access to a better version that offers more benefits than a free version.

Usually, users can access a free version to evaluate the usefulness of the SAAS.

This package provides a base of a SAAS application that developers can use to create their own SAAS applications.

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1. How to Implement a PHP Web Monetization Standard Solution to Allow Web Site Owner to Tell How They Want to Make Money From Their Web Site Content

Updated on: 2022-09-13

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Blog: PHP Web Monetization package blog
Package: PHP Web Monetization

Web monetization is a specification elaborated by the W3C organization to define how each site would like to monetize the site pages to reward the creators by letting know to the users of the page how to pay for the benefits that the page provides them.

This package provides a means to add HTML tags to a page to specify a payment system that the page users can use to pay the creators of a page according to Web monetization W3C standard specification.

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1. How Can PHP Composer Update Packages without Affecting an Application that is Running

Updated on: 2022-09-12

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Blog: Laravel Composer Update with Zero Downtime package blog
Package: Laravel Composer Update with Zero Downtime

Composer is a popular tool many PHP developers use to define which packages they need in their projects. The composer tool can install those packages and any other dependent packages.

When a project's packages are updated, the composer tool can retrieve the new versions and update the project environment with those new ones.

Updating a project with new package versions may take a long time if a project is complex and needs many packages with a new version.

Updating a project with the new package versions in a production environment may cause the application to break since the composer cannot update all packages simultaneously.

This package provides an alternative solution to update the new versions of packages of a project in a way that does not cause the application to break.

It creates a new project vendor directory in a working directory. In the end, this package replaces the old vendor directory with the new vendor directory that has the updated versions of the project's packages.

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1. How to Implement a Decentralized PHP Chat Application That Allows One Site Users to Chat with Users of Other Sites

Updated on: 2022-09-09

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Blog: PHP Live Chat Browser package blog
Package: PHP Live Chat Browser

Chatting is helpful to help users of a site communicate with each other or even with the site owners, for instance, to provide support for the site users.

Decentralization is a new trend that will allow sites to avoid depending too much on the services of a single location or a small number of areas.

This package implements a decentralized chat solution that allows users of a site to chat with users of other sites without currently leaving the area they are visiting.

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1. How to Developing Great Software Learning from PHP Solid Principles Examples of Code

Updated on: 2022-09-08

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Blog: PHP Solid Principles Examples package blog
Package: PHP Solid Principles Examples

SOLID is a set of principles developers should follow to develop good software.

Developers that follow the SOLID principles will be able to create software projects that are well structured and easier to maintain.

These principles help developers that create the software components or use the features of other developers to be more productive.

This package provides a PHP implementation of good and bad examples of classes that follow the SOLID principle or not.

Other developers may learn to follow the SOLID principles in practice with these example classes.

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1109. How to Quickly Find the PHP Errors that Are Preventing Your Application from Working Correctly

Updated on: 2022-09-07

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One of the aspects of the developer work that takes us more time is finding and fixing bugs. Sometimes a subtle bug may take us hours to discover the code that is causing the bug and correct the code.

This fact is particularly true when you develop in PHP because the PHP language is very tolerant of programmer mistakes, and subtle bugs do not make the PHP scripts stop working.

Fortunately, there are methods and tools that you use to detect those bugs faster when you can capture the PHP error messages the mistakes may cause.

Please read this short article to learn how to use the Scout Application Performance Monitoring tool to quickly determine the lines of code of a Laravel or Symfony application causing the application to trigger PHP errors that can help you locate the code that you need to fix.

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1. How to Implement a Fast PHP Search Engine for Applications Written Using Laravel

Updated on: 2022-09-06

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Blog: Vegvisir Laravel Search Indexer package blog
Package: Vegvisir Laravel Search Indexer

Laravel is a popular PHP framework that implements the Model-View-Controller (MVC) design pattern.

Application objects are stored in persistent containers using model classes. Usually, these model classes use SQL database servers to store the model objects.

This solution may be acceptable when you want to store a relatively small number of model objects in database table records.

If your application needs to store and retrieve many model objects, other types of containers do not use SQL to query the database records, so it can be faster to search the object records.

This package provides a general solution to search model class objects in different storage containers that are more suited to store a large number of model class objects, like Elastic Search and Mongo DB.

Since this package provides an interface abstraction to perform searches for model objects, it is easier to change an application to use a different storage container without changing the database code.

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1. How to Create a Laravel Blog Project that Uses Markdown as Format to Write the Blog Posts

Updated on: 2022-09-01

Posted on:

Blog: Laravel Markdown Blog package blog
Package: Laravel Markdown Blog

Blogs are still a popular form of publishing content of interest to a given community.

HTML is a natural format for defining blog content because Web pages use HTML to determine the page contents.

However, certain HTML tags may be insecure to allow blog post authors to submit content because a malicious author may use specific tags to steal private information from blog visitors.

Markdown is not as powerful as HTML in rendering content, but it is undoubtedly more secure because it does not support the same kind of tags HTML supports and can be insecure.

This package implements a blog system that allows authors to edit the post content in Markdown format, and then it displays that content on Web pages using regular HTML.

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1. How to Simplify Your PHP Code by Performing a PHP Complexity Analisis to Find PHP Functions with Too Many Arguments

Updated on: 2022-08-31

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Blog: PHP Function Arguments Detector package blog
Package: PHP Function Arguments Detector

Complex PHP code is hard to maintain. In practice, if you use a complex coding style, you spend a lot of time analyzing and improving your code whenever you need to make changes.

There are several types of signs that you use a complex coding style. One of them is the way you declare your classes and functions.

For instance, if you create classes with functions with many parameters, that is a sign that you are trying to do many operations in those functions.

This package can help you to find which can be complex class functions, so you can fix them, probably splitting them into several tasks that do fewer operations.

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