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PHP and JavaScript Innovation Award Report December 2016 Edition - September 2016 nominees

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This is the December edition of the Innovation Award podcast hangout recorded by Manuel Lemos and Arturs Sosins to comment on the outstanding features of all the past month nominees and winners PHP and JavaScript packages, the prizes that the authors earned, starting with the nominees from the month of September 2016.

Listen to the podcast, or watch the hangout video to learn why the nominated packages were considered to be innovative, as well the current rankings of the Innovation Award Championship by author and by country.

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This is the latest podcast hangout episode on the PHP Innovation Award  and the JavaScript Innovation Award about the nominees of September 2016. We comment only on past nominees to avoid influencing the voting results. This way we are only talking of packages published already in September. The nominees of September were voted on October. In November the results were announced.

Listen to the audio recording, or Watch the hangout video below.

JavaScript Innovation Award Winners of September 2016 (0:18)

1DOM Process
Traverse the DOM tree and process elements
Everton da RosaBrazil42.86%4One downloadable e-book of choice by O'Reilly
2Vue Resume
Build reactive Web user interfaces
Sergey BeskorovayniyUkraine28.57%3One ebook of choice by Packt
2Animated Placeholder Text
Show animated text as placeholders for text inputs
Gianluca ZanferrariThe Netherlands28.57%3
API client to access netDB databases
Yorch PonceMexico<1.00%1

JavaScript Innovation Award Rankings of 2016 (6:36)

1Andras TothHungary622
2Dantigny francoisFrance518
3Everton da RosaBrazil27
4Juan JoseSpain16
4Axel HahnSwitzerland16
4Farhadur RahimBangladesh26
7Karl HolzCanada15
7afshin akhgarIran15
7Martin LatterUnited Kingdom15
7Edvaldo SzymonekBrazil15

Award Winners by Country of 2016


PHP Innovation Award Winners of September 2016 (8:46)

1PHP Form Encryption
Encrypt and decrypt forms with AES and RSA
Francisco del AguilaSpain25.58%14One downloadable copy of PhpED Professional
2PHP MySQL Websocket Chat
Websocket chat that stores messages in MySQL
Johnny MastThe Netherlands13.95%13One big elePHPant Plush Mascott
3Simple Logger
Log messages and view log filtered files
Joseluis LasoSpain11.63%12One subscription to the PDF edition of the PHP Architect magazine
3Portable UTF-8
Manipulate UTF-8 text strings in pure PHP
Lars MoellekenGermany11.63%12One downloadable e-book of choice by O'Reilly
3PHP RTF Tools
Parse and generate RTF documents using templates
Christian VighFrance11.63%12PHP Tools for Visual Studio Personal license
6PHP SMS Queue System
Queue and process delivery of SMS with Gammu
Juraj Puchký6.98%9One copy of the Zend Studio
Generate icon images for multiple platforms
Alexander SelifonovRussian Federation4.65%8SourceGuarding PHP encoder tool
7ITE Logger
Log messages to different storage PSR-3 compliant
Kiril SavchevBulgaria4.65%8One ebook of choice by Packt
9CakePHP 2 Zend Service Manager integration
Integrates the Zend Service Manager with CakePHP 2
NerijusLithuania2.33%61 month Account Pro subscription
Create and manage notes shared between users
Martin LatterUnited Kingdom2.33%6One downloadable copy of Komodo IDE
9PHP Component Event
Implement a immutable event
9PHP Unicode to Bijoy Converter
Convert Bijoy ANSI text from Unicode Bengali
Miraz MacBangladesh2.33%6PhpStorm IDE 1 year individual subscription
13PHP Ignore JSON Key
Remove certain key values from JSON strings
13Has Parent
Trait to assign on object as parent of another
magogRussian Federation<1.00%2

PHP Innovation Award Rankings of 2016 (29:40)

1Christian VighFrance976
2Johnny MastThe Netherlands341
3Luciano SalvinoArgentina440
4Bharat ParmarIndia334
5Dave SmithUnited States432
6Aleksey NemiroRussian Federation227
7Jeremiah OgbomoNigeria226
8Kacper RowinskiPoland224
9Lars MoellekenGermany221
9Bruno Henrique Ferreira de OliveiraBrazil221

Award Winners by Country of 2016

2United StatesUnited States14103
4Russian FederationRussian Federation975
6The NetherlandsThe Netherlands455


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