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File: htdocs/class/libraries/vendor/symfony/yaml/Tests/Fixtures/YtsFlowCollections.yml

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File: htdocs/class/libraries/vendor/symfony/yaml/Tests/Fixtures/YtsFlowCollections.yml
Role: Auxiliary data
Content type: text/plain
Description: Auxiliary data
Class: Xoops 2.5
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test: Simple Inline Array
brief: >
    Sequences can be contained on a
    single line, using the inline syntax.
    Separate each entry with commas and
    enclose in square brackets.
yaml: |
    seq: [ a, b, c ]
php: |
    array('seq' => array('a', 'b', 'c'))
test: Simple Inline Hash
brief: >
    Mapping can also be contained on
    a single line, using the inline
    syntax.  Each key-value pair is
    separated by a colon, with a comma
    between each entry in the mapping.
    Enclose with curly braces.
yaml: |
    hash: { name: Steve, foo: bar }
php: |
    array('hash' => array('name' => 'Steve', 'foo' => 'bar'))
test: Multi-line Inline Collections
todo: true
brief: >
    Both inline sequences and inline mappings
    can span multiple lines, provided that you
    indent the additional lines.
yaml: |
    languages: [ Ruby,
                 Python ]
    websites: { YAML:,
                Perl: }
php: |
      'languages' => array('Ruby', 'Perl', 'Python'),
      'websites' => array(
        'YAML' => '',
        'Ruby' => '',
        'Python' => '',
        'Perl' => ''
test: Commas in Values (not in the spec!)
todo: true
brief: >
    List items in collections are delimited by commas, but
    there must be a space after each comma.  This allows you
    to add numbers without quoting.
yaml: |
    attendances: [ 45,123, 70,000, 17,222 ]
php: |
    array('attendances' => array(45123, 70000, 17222))
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