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File: passwdAdmin.php

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File: passwdAdmin.php
Role: ???
Content type: text/plain
Description: Example usage of the PasswdAuth API. Enable the addition, deletion and change password of users in the htaccess file
Class: PasswdAuth
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Date: 22 years ago
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<?php include(''); $pass = new PasswdAuth(); echo "<h1>.htpasswd Admin</h1>"; function editForm($user) { global $PHP_SELF; $form = <<< END <form action="$PHP_SELF" method="get"> Please enter a new password for $user:<br> <input type="Text" size="20" name="password"><br> <input type="Hidden" name="user" value="$user"> <input type="Hidden" name="action" value="doChange"> <input type="Submit"> </form> END; echo $form; } function addForm() { global $PHP_SELF; $form = <<< END <form action="$PHP_SELF" method="get"> Please enter a new user and password:<br> User: <input type="Text" size="20" name="user"><br> Password: <input type="Text" size="20" name="password"><br> <input type="Hidden" name="action" value="doAdd"> <input type="Submit"> </form> END; echo $form; } function users() { global $pass, $PHP_SELF; echo "<a href=\"$PHP_SELF?action=add\">Add a new user</a><p>"; echo "<a href=\"secure_page.php\" target=\"_blank\">Check secure page</a> (Use one of the users below to enter this page)<p>"; echo "<a href=\"secure_page_admin.php\" target=\"_blank\">Check secure <strong>admin</strong> page</a> (Only the user 'admin' can enter this page)<p>"; $users = &$pass->getUsers(); foreach($users as $user) { echo "$user "; echo "<a href=\"$PHP_SELF?action=change&user=$user\">[Change password]</a> "; echo "<a href=\"$PHP_SELF?action=delete&user=$user\">[Delete]</a><br>"; } } if(isset($HTTP_GET_VARS['action'])) { switch($HTTP_GET_VARS['action']) { case 'change': editForm($HTTP_GET_VARS['user']); break; case 'doChange': if($pass->changePassword($HTTP_GET_VARS['user'], $HTTP_GET_VARS['password'])) { echo "Password was changed<br>"; } else { echo "Password was not changed<br>"; } echo "<a href=\"$PHP_SELF\">Back</a>"; break; case 'add': addForm(); break; case 'doAdd': if($pass->addUser($HTTP_GET_VARS['user'], $HTTP_GET_VARS['password'])) { echo "The user $HTTP_GET_VARS[user] was added<br>"; } else { echo "The user $HTTP_GET_VARS[user] was not added<br>"; } echo "<a href=\"$PHP_SELF\">Back</a>"; break; case 'delete': if($pass->deleteUser($HTTP_GET_VARS['user'])) { echo "The user $HTTP_GET_VARS[user] was deleted<br>"; } else { echo "The user $HTTP_GET_VARS[user] was not deleted<br>"; } echo "<a href=\"$PHP_SELF\">Back</a>"; break; default: users(); break; } } else { users(); } ?>