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Base MVC framework for PHP Web applications
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Saika - The PHP Framework for KIDS!

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WTF Miraz! A noob like you writing PHP framework? Is this a joke buddy?

Well, pardon me, masters. But this framework is for PHP kids like me. If you are a supreme developer, king of kings, mighty coder... you should stay away master!

So why another fu*king PHP framework?

Umm! Saika ain't a framework actually. You can call it a PHP MVC boilerplate. A smart one, fast one and... beautiful one!

I see, but there is already too many MVC boilerplate out there, why another one?

Because I wanted to create a goddamn micro framework! -_-

Why should I even bother learning your goddamn framework?

There isn't anything to learn! Saika ain't a real framework. It's a skeleton app. You could start using it if you know PHP.

Okay Okay! Calm down!! What about the features?


  1. MVC Pattern
  2. SEO Friendly URLs with smart hyphens to underscore
  3. Request and Redirect wrapper to handle all the request
  4. Cookie wrapper to handle cookies with ease!
  5. Session wrapper to......
  6. A pure PDO database factory
  7. A Darn simple cache and captcha library
  8. 100% autoload support, no more "require" or "include"!
  9. Composer support ( yay! -_- )
  10. Saika is configuration-less and configurable at the same time! If you don't wish to touch the config file just DON'T!
  11. Native PHP views
  12. Encryption, CSRF and XSS protection library
  13. Follows PSR, almost zero spaghetti code! :3

And that's, not all your honor! :D

Hey wait! all these libraries can be easily found on the internet. I can integrate on my script also. What's so cool about it?
  • Yes, you can Doc! But Saika has made that way too configurable and easy. If you want to create a quick prototype, a small or medium website, Saika will make your life easier.
What does Saika mean anyway?

Saika is my sister's name <3

Still got questions? Just checkout the documentation.

Install via composer

composer create-project mirazmac/saika saika


  • @todo Add namespace support
  • @todo Implement tests
  • @todo Add more detailed code comments to improve readability
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