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Class: PHP Alexa Rank Top Domain
Retrieve domains from Alexa top 1 million domains
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Top Domain

Top 1 million domains list. Random domain. Check if your domain is in the top 1 million. Get a list of X domains.

This library utilizes Alexa's Top 1 Million Domains data file:


use peterkahl\TopDomain\TopDomain;

$tdomObj = new TopDomain;
$tdomObj->CacheDir = '/srv/cache';

# Get random domain
$temp = $tdomObj->RandomDomain();
echo $temp['domain'] .' ............. '. $temp['rank'] ."\n";

# Check if given domain is in the top 1 million.
$temp = $tdomObj->FindDomain('');

echo $temp['domain'];
if (empty($temp)) {
  echo ' is not in the top 1 million.' ."\n";
else {
  echo ' is in the top 1 million with rank '. $temp['rank'] .'.' ."\n";

# Get a list of domains 1 through 100.
$temp = $tdomObj->GetDomains(1, 100);

foreach ($temp as $val) {
  echo $val['rank'] .' ............. '. $val['domain']  ."\n";


You probably want to set up a crontab job to periodically update the Alexa data file, perhaps by using the shell script Don't forget to edit this file with the correct location of your cache directory!

For more information send a message to info at phpclasses dot org.