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File: demo4.php

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File: demo4.php
Role: Example script
Content type: text/plain
Description: Response handlers for CURL-based crawlers
Class: gCurl
Perform HTTP requests using Curl
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Date: 16 years ago
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 * CURL Handlers: Swiss-knife of CURL-based crawlers
 * You can define the handler function for the response body after processing response headers.
 * For example, the handler can be set according to the value of the Content-type header.
//Include library

 * Define a handler class
class Handlers extends gCurlHandlers {
     * Process headers (check content type) before assigning the body handler
     * @param array $headers
function headersHandler(array $headers){
//use 'ctype' as the content type value
        // because $headers['content-type'] usually contains charset as well
if (stripos($headers['ctype'],'text') === false){
//it's not a text, don't process it
$this->charset = $headers['charset'];
     * The cookies handler method is called after headers handler and before assigning the response body handler.
     * The method is called only if the server response contains Set-cookie header(s).
     * It receives an array of the parsed cookies.
     * @param array $cookies
function cookiesHandler(array $cookies){
     * The function MUST return the exact number of bytes it received in the $data_chunk parameter.
     * The chunks have unpredictable length between 1 and 8192 bytes (inclusive),
     * as received from the remote server.
     * The handler is called sequentially for each chunk of a response body.
     * @param resource $ch
     * @param string $data_chunk
function bodyHandler($ch,$data_chunk){
$length = strlen($data_chunk);
strtoupper( $data_chunk);
//The body handler should return the nuber of bytes it received
return $length;

//init variables
$url = '';

//initialize the class
$curl = new gCurl($url);
//initialize the handlers
$handlers = new Handlers();
//assign handlers
// Response object returned does not have body data if a body handler is defined
$response = $curl->exec();
//$response->body == '';
}catch (gksException $E){