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File: src/Lang/en/app.yml

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File: src/Lang/en/app.yml
Role: Auxiliary data
Content type: text/plain
Description: Auxiliary data
Class: PHP Test Bed
Test PHP scripts describing what they execute
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Date: 2 years ago
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    line: Line :line
    echo: Prints
    echo-scalar: Prints :value
    assign: The variable :var receives the value :value
    assign-op: The variable :var receives :value
    scalar: the value :value
    array: the set of values :value
    array-op: the set of values :value resultant of the operation :expr
    const: The constant :const receives the value :value
    binary-op: the value :value resultant of the operation :expr
    binary-op-var: the value :value resultant of the operation :expr where :where
    do-while-enter: --- Start the loop DO-WHILE ---
    do-while-exit: --- Exit the loop DO-WHILE ---
    while-enter: --- Start the loop WHILE ---
    while-exit: --- Exit the loop WHILE ---
    if-enter: --- Start the conditional IF ---
    if-exit: --- Exit the conditional IF ---
    if-cond: The condition returns
    else-cond: No conditions satifies, execute the else block
    for-enter: --- Start the loop FOR ---
    for-exit: --- Exit the loop FOR ---
    foreach-enter: --- Start the loop FOREACH ---
    foreach-exit: --- Exit the loop FOREACH ---
    loop-cond: The loop condition returns
    post-inc: The variable :var has its value incremented to :value
    post-dec: The variable :var has its value decremented to :value
    switch-cond: Starts to test switch
    switch-case-success: Enter the case with value :value because this is the value of :cond
    switch-case-fail: Rejects the case with value :value because this is not the value of :cond
    switch-case-default: Enters the default case
    switch-enter: --- Enter the conditional SWITCH ---
    switch-exit: --- Exit the conditional SWITCH ---
    switch-case-enter: --- Enter the switch CASE ---
    switch-case-exit: --- Exit the switch CASE ---
    break: Performs request to stop actual block execution
    foreach-next-key: The variable :var receives the next index from :origin, with the value :value
    foreach-next-item: The variable :var receives the next item from :origin, with the value :value
    throw: Throws a exception, interrupts program execution
    try-enter: --- Enter block TRY ---
    try-exit: --- Exit block TRY ---
    try-catch-enter: --- Enter block CATCH ---
    try-catch-exit: --- Exit block CATCH ---
    try-finally-enter: --- Enter block  FINALLY ---
    try-finally-exit: --- Exit block FINALLY ---
    try-catch-check-ok: The exception thrown :throw is compatible with the treatment for :catch
    try-catch-check-fail: The exception thrown :throw is NOT compatible with the treatment for :catch
    global: Initialize the global variable :var
    script-not-found: Script :script not found
    node-not-implemented: Resolution of :node not implemented yet
    start: Script started
    end: Script finished
    array-key-position: Key/Position
    array-value: Value
    array-empty: empty
    timestamp: m/d/Y H:i:s.u
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