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Class: PHP Image Handling API
Provide an API to do image manipulation operations
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imageHandler is a PHP (gd) back end class package managing

  • crop region, resize, adapt size and convert
  • of bmp, jpg, gif, png, xbmp and xbm image types with preserved proportions and (for gif/png) transparency.

ImageHandler offers also availability 'on-the-fly'

  • using a web (REST GET/PUT, json) service interface.

Anonymous (source and/or output) filenames (without extension) and remote image resources are supported.

The imageHandler interface is simple :

  • the source image filename or url
  • the crop, (re-)size and/or adapt directives in pixels or percent of the source image size.

If the crop and size arguments are set simultaneously, cropping is done before (re-)sizing.

The imageHandler output mode is

* download, will open a 'save file'-box in browser * stream, (default) usable in a 'src' statement in a HTML page, (showing a 'thumbnail') * save, saves (cropped/resized/adapted) image on disk

Output image type for the managed image is (default) png. Non-resizable images types are returned 'as is'.

The class package includes

  • the PHP imageHandler class, doing the hard work,
  • the PHP interface script, offering service availability,
  • a PHP 'index.php' page, usable for testing, evaluating and/or image reviewing, including a (separate) editable image crop/resize test schema.

The imageHandler class and index page supports PEAR log class or equivalents.

imageHandler is free for personal, evaluating and testing use, for commercial licences, visit!

For more information send a message to info at phpclasses dot org.