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Class: PHP Sanitize Filename String
Change file name to use only ASCII characters
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Sanitize String Class

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Sometimes you may want to clean a filename or string from foreign languages characters; with this class you can do both.


Install via composer:

composer require vgd/sanitize_string



The class uses two boolean parameters after the string/filename: 

The first one (isFileName) is used to tell the class that you are trying to clean a file name.

The second one (special) must be used if you would like to remove special characters as well from a 
string or a file name.

In order to clean a string:

To remove foreign characters only:

echo SanitizeString::clean('Your string here');

To remove foreign AND special characters:

echo SanitizeString::clean('Your string here', false, true);

In order to clean a filename:

To remove foreign characters only:

SanitizeString::clean('Your filename here', true, false);

To remove foreign AND special characters:

SanitizeString::clean('Your filename here', true, true);

You can use absolute or relative paths for the file you want to rename.

Final Note

The main purpose of using associative arrays and not other techniques as regular 
expressions and preg_match etc. was to give the user the possibility of add or remove
characters depending of their needs.

Lets say that you have a spanish text and you want to remove all the characters but vowels 
with tilde and  characters; you can modify the arrays to achieve that.

For more information send a message to info at phpclasses dot org.