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File: docs/changelog.txt
Role: Documentation
Content type: text/plain
Description: Documentation
Class: wgGallery
Image gallery module for XOOPS CMS
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Date: 1 year ago
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<h5>1.14 Final</h5>  [2020/07/01]
 - moved to final (goffy)
<h5>1.14 RC2</h5>  [2019/12/23]
 - fixed missing check of allowed resolution (goffy)
 - added DirectoryChecker and other new common classes (mamba)
 - code checking and cosmetics (mamba)
 - fixed problems with array to string conversion (goffy)
 - added default permissions for creation of albums (goffy)
 - applied XMF code styling - grouppermHandler (mamba/goffy)
 - use coded name for file name of original image (lupin/goffy)
 - added all exif data as array to image object (lupin/goffy)
 - added notification for comments (lupin/goffy)
 - fixed bug with notification include (lupin/goffy)
 - added notification for comments on image level (lupin/goffy)
 - changed redir after notification update (lupin/goffy)
 - updated italian language (lupin/goffy)
 - fixed bug with deleting images (lupin/goffy)
 - fixed bug in comment notification (lupin/goffy)
 - added new permission to use album collections (lupin/goffy)
 - removed user select of album creator on user side (lupin/goffy)
 - fixed bug in read exif non utf8 (lupin/goffy)
 - fixed perm for album list in image editor (lupin/goffy)
 - fixed perm bug for moving image from one to another album (lupin/goffy)
 - fixed bug in nested sorting (lupin/goffy)
 - fixed bug in extract exif (lupin/goffy)
 - added album name to lc_lightbox (goffy)

<h5>1.14 RC1</h5>  [2019/11/09]
 - added possibility to store original image (lupin/goffy)
 - implemented permissions for download full album (goffy)
 - added possibility to download full album (goffy)
 - added cleaning invalid ratings in maintenance (goffy)
 - added default exif lens make and lens model (lupin/goffy)
 - fixed bug in fineimageuploader (goffy)
 - fixed bug in saving album cats (goffy)
 - added cleaning invalid cats in maintenance (goffy)
 - correction of help files (goffy)
 - added img_tags/alb_tags to (GregMage/goffy)
 - change of lang defines from cat to coll (goffy)
 - changes in order of module preferences (goffy)
 - fixed missing date in (goffy)
 - added autotically extraction of exif for tags (lupin/goffy)
 - fixed bug with deleting noimage.png when album deleted (goffy)
 - added configuration system to oninstall (goffy)
 - removed album edit from idex page (goffy)
 - fixed bug with overlapping divs for numeric rating (lupin/goffy)
 - fixed bug in jssor contants (goffy)
 - added italian language (lupin)
 - fixed display problem (alain/goffy)
 - fixed problem with redirect after posting comments (lupin/goffy)
 - fixed bug with deleting albums in admin area (goffy)
 - fixed redirect params (goffy)
 - added column with sub albums in admin/albums template (goffy)
 - fixed bug with xoopsnav in images.php (goffy)
 - added possibility to delete exif data (goffy)

<h5>1.13 RC1</h5>  [2019/../..]
 - added rating system (stars or likes) (goffy)
 - cosmetics (goffy)
 - fixed bug with import extgallery (mjoel/goffy)
 - added new preference image_target (lupin/goffy)
 - show only albums with perm to edit in upload list (goffy)
 - rebuilt update functions (added wggallery_check_db) (goffy)
 - added modal view of single image (goffy)
 - added 10 stars rating (lupin/goffy)
 - added 10 numeric rating (lupin/goffy)
 - moved exif reading before resizing, because exif data get partially lost by gd resizing (goffy)
 - added show used space on server for upload folders in maintenance (goffy)

<h5>1.12 RC1</h5>  [2019/../..]
 - changed field name `alb_iscat` into `alb_iscoll` in wggalllery_albums (goffy)
 - changed field name `alb_imgcat` `alb_imgtype` in wggalllery_albums (goffy) 
 - added field `alb_cats` `alb_tags` in wggalllery_albums (goffy)
 - added field `img_cats` `img_tags` in wggalllery_images (goffy)
 - added caegories for albums and images (lupin/goffy)
 - added new preferences for usage of categories and tags (goffy)
 - added tags system (goffy)
 - fixed bug with goback-button on image index site (goffy)
 - added comment count to image index site (lupin/goffy)
 - added views count to image (lupin/goffy)
 - implementation of search (goffy)
<h5>1.11 RC1</h5>  [2019/../..]
 - fixed problem when source file for resizing is not existing (goffy)
 - added check mimetypes to maintenance (goffy)
 - new lang constants:
 - added sorting for admin/albums list (goffy)
 - fixed bug in wggallery_categoryitem_bcards.tpl (goffy)
 - added image rotation to resizer class (goffy)
 - set noimage.png as default for new albums (goffy)
 - fixed bug with upload very big jpg images (goffy) 
 - switch from serialize to json_decode to fix problem with lne breaks (goffy)
 - added show image preview when editing image (goffy)
<h5>1.10 RC1</h5>  [2019/04/15]
 - fixed bug with id in image editor (goffy)
 - fixed include of wrong footer (goffy)
 - added additional info for current album image in albumimage handler (goffy)
 - fixed wrong titles in albumimage handler/crop image (goffy)
<h5>1.09 RC1</h5>  [2019/04/09]  Dev: XOOPS 2.5.10, PHP 7.3.1
 - moved to RC1 (goffy)
 - added image handling to image management - edit/delete/download (goffy/mamba)
 - improved redirection after image handling - edit/delete (goffy/mamba)
 - added new preference displayButtonText (goffy/mamba)
 - aligned buttons in maintenance left (goffy/mamba) 
 - added setting permission for test data (goffy)
<h5>1.09 Beta1</h5>  [WORK IN PROGRESS - NOT RELEASED]  Dev: XOOPS 2.5.9, PHP 7.3.1
 - added preferences for default album image size (goffy)
 - added image manipulation for album images (goffy)
	- select existing image
	- create image grid
	- crop image with cropper.js
	- upload image
 - adapting block albums (goffy)
 - adapting block images (goffy)
 - added different kind of blocks (default, recent, random) (goffy)
 - code cleaning (mamba)
 - added namespaces (mamba)
 - added notification (mamba)
 - added feedback (goffy/mamba)
 - moved Resizer to /class (mamba)
 - moved FineImUploader to /class/Common (mamba)
 - update changelog (mamba)
 - added comments (mamba)
 - updated search function (goffy)
 - updated notification (goffy)
 - updated comments (goffy)
 - updated testtables (goffy)
 - added possibility to resize images for specific albums in maintenance (goffy)
 - changed preview of images for edit album image to thumb (goffy)

<h5>1.08</h5> [2018/12/28 19:55:00]
 - added preference "show_copyright" (goffy)
 - added preselection for group perms when creating album (goffy)
 - rebuilt maintenance (goffy)
 - added exif read (goffy/altermann)

<h5>1.07</h5> [2018/12/20 14:00:00]
 - added autoplay/autoopen to viewerjs (goffy)
 - added show single image (goffy/altermann)
 - added download script (goffy)
 - added status message to fine uploader (goffy/altermann)
 - added pagenav to imagelist tpl (goffy)
 - updated permission system (goffy)
 - added image sorting (goffy)
 - added language support for lc_lightbox_lite (goffy)

<h5>1.0</h5> [2018-03-19 10:04:56]
 - Original release wggallery (Wedega)
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