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File: public/install/languages/en.php
Role: Auxiliary script
Content type: text/plain
Description: Auxiliary script
Class: Aksara
A CodeIgniter based API and CRUD generator
Author: By
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 * Translation file
 * @translation		English
 * @author			Aby Dahana
 * @profile
 * @website
 * @copyright		(c) 2021 - Aksara Laboratory
 * @since			version 4.1.19
return array
	// Global
	'aksara_installer' => 'Aksara Installer',
	'you_need_to_update_your_php_version' => 'You need to upgrade your version of PHP. Minimum version needed is PHP 7.3',
	'please_run' => 'Please run',
	'from' => 'from',
	'to_fetch_the_required_repository_before_we_start_the_installation_wizard' => 'to fetch the required repository before we start the installation wizard.',
	'whoops' => 'Whoops!',
	'back' => 'Back',
	'refresh' => 'Refresh',
	'continue' => 'Continue',
	'hostname' => 'Hostname',
	'port' => 'Port',
	'username' => 'Username',
	'password' => 'Password',
	'confirm_password' => 'Confirm Password',
	// Index
	'checking_requirements' => 'Checking Requirements',
	'database_configuration' => 'Database Configuration',
	'security_configuration' => 'Security Configuration',
	'system_configuration' => 'System Configuration',
	'finalizing' => 'Finalizing',
	'hello_there' => 'Hello there...',
	'thank_you_for_choosing_aksara' => 'Thank you for choosing <a href="//" class="text-primary font-weight-bold" target="_blank">Aksara</a>!',
	'before_we_start_the_installation_please_take_a_moment_to_read_this_few_notes' => 'Before we start the installation, please take a moment to read this few notes.',
	'you_could_check_the_agreement_box_and_skip_reading_as_usual' => 'You could check the "<b>Agreement</b>" box and skip reading as usual, but we still believe there\'s a "<b>Nerd</b>" that would read this notes sentence by sentences.',
	'article_1' => '<a href="//" class="text-primary font-weight-bold" target="_blank">Aksara</a> is just a tool to build the ecosystems according to your needs. But something you built with <a href="//" class="text-primary font-weight-bold" target="_blank">Aksara</a> should be subjected to it;',
	'article_2' => 'You\'re allowed to re-distribute the ecosystems you built with <a href="//" class="text-primary font-weight-bold" target="_blank">Aksara</a> without any concern of my permission, however admitting it was built by you as a whole is a shame;',
	'article_3' => 'Never disappoint the creative people who share their work for free, or you\'ll find them selling their future idea at prices you can\'t reach.',
	'three_notes_should_be_enough' => 'Three notes should be enough.',
	'i_look_forward_to_your_support' => 'We look forward to your support.',
	'the_fool' => 'The fool',
	'pretend_to_agree' => 'Pretend to agree',
	'start_installation' => 'Start Installation',
	// Database
	'fill_the_requested_fields_below_with_your_database_connection' => 'Fill the requested fields below with your database connection.',
	'please_fill_all_required_fields' => 'Please fill all required fields!',
	'database_driver' => 'Database Driver',
	'initial_database' => 'Initial Database',
	'your_server_do_not_have_postgresql_driver_installed' => 'Your server don\'t have PostgreSQL driver installed!',
	'your_server_do_not_have_sqlsrv_driver_installed' => 'Your server don\'t have SQL Server driver installed!',
	'your_server_do_not_have_sqlite3_driver_installed' => 'Your server don\'t have SQLite3 driver installed!',
	'please_choose_the_correct_database_driver' => 'Please choose the correct database driver!',
	// Finalizing
	'the_timezone_is_not_valid' => 'The timezone is not valid!',
	'the_site_title_cannot_be_empty' => 'The site title cannot be empty!',
	'the_site_description_cannot_be_empty' => 'The site description cannot be empty!',
	'file_extension_must_be_comma_separated_alphanumeric_only' => 'File extension must be comma separated alphanumeric only!',
	'image_extension_must_be_comma_separated_alphanumeric_only' => 'Image extension must be comma separated alphanumeric only!',
	'maximum_upload_size_must_be_numeric_only' => 'Maximum upload size must be numeric only!',
	'image_dimension_must_be_numeric_only' => 'Image dimension must be numeric only!',
	'thumbnail_dimension_must_be_numeric_only' => 'Thumbnail dimension must be numeric only!',
	'icon_dimension_must_be_numeric_only' => 'Icon dimension must be numeric only!',
	'all_catched_up' => 'All catched up!',
	'your_application_is_ready_to_install_with_provided_settings' => 'Your application is ready to install with provided settings.',
	'just_one_more_step' => 'Just one more step.',
	'make_sure_what_you_filled_in_on_the_previous_form_is_correct' => 'Make sure what you filled-in on the previous form is correct.',
	'once_you_have_successfully_run_the_installer_there_is_no_more_back_button' => 'Once you successfully run the installer, there\'s no more back button.',
	'click_run_installer_to_applying_your_configuration' => 'Click "<b>Run Installer</b>" to applying your configuration.',
	'run_installer' => 'Run Installer',
	// Install
	'click_here_to_upload_configuration_file_manually_after_installation' => '<b>CLICK HERE</b> to upload configuration file manually after installation.',
	'or_fill_the_field_below_with_your_ftp_account_to_try_writing_the_configuration_file_over_ftp' => '<b>OR</b> fill the field below with your FTP account to try writing the configuration file over FTP.',
	'installation_path' => 'Installation Path',
	'path_to_install_aksara' => 'Path to install Aksara',
	'cannot_write_file_using_ftp' => 'Cannot write file using FTP',
	'please_check_if_the_aksara_installation_path_is_correct' => 'Please check if the Aksara installation path is correct.',
	'could_not_connect_to_ftp_server_using_the_provided_settings' => 'Couldn\'t connect to FTP server using the provided settings.',
	'failed_to_open_or_create_the_configuration_file' => 'Failed to open or create the configuration file!',
	'failed_to_write_the_configuration_into_file' => 'Failed to write the configuration into file!',
	'please_choose_the_correct_database_driver' => 'Please choose the correct database driver!',
	'congratulations' => 'Congratulations!',
	'aksara_has_been_successfully_installed_on_your_system' => '<a href="//" class="text-primary font-weight-bold" target="_blank">Aksara</a> has been successfully installed on your system!',
	'notice' => 'Notice!',
	'your_configuration_file_or_folder_is_not_writable_or_there_was_a_problem_creating_the_configuration_file' => 'Your configuration file or folder isn\'t writable or there was a problem creating the configuration file.',
	'you_will_have_to_create_the_following_code_by_hand_manually_and_locate_to_following_directory' => 'You will have to create the following code by hand manually and locate to following directory:',
	'revalidate_configuration_after_the_configuration_file_is_created_or_uploaded' => 'Revalidate configuration after the configuration file is created or uploaded.',
	'you_can_login_as_superuser_using_following_credential' => 'You can login as superuser using following credential:',
	'follow_our_updates_to_get_our_other_works_if_you_find_this_useful' => 'Follow our updates to get our other works if you find this useful.',
	'just_to_remind_you' => 'Just to remind you,',
	'we_also_collect_donations_from_people_like_you_to_support_our_research' => 'we also collect donations from people like you to support our research.',
	'regardless_of_the_amount_will_very_useful' => 'Regardless of the amount will very useful.',
	'cheers' => 'Cheers',
	'launch_your_site' => 'Launch Your Site',
	'revalidate_configuration' => 'Revalidate Configuration',
	// Requirements
	'you_just_need_to_pretend_to_agree' => 'You just need to pretend to agree, dude!',
	'awesome' => 'Awesome!',
	'you_just_read_our_notes_and_pretend_to_agree_with_it' => 'You just read our notes and pretend to agree with it :)',
	'we_will_help_you_to_prepare_your_application_using_this_installation_wizard' => 'We will help you to prepare your application using this installation wizard.',
	'before_you_go_make_sure_this_pre_requirements_are_fulfilled_without_any_warning' => 'Before you go, make sure this pre-requirements are fulfilled without any warning.',
	'otherwise_your_application_will_not_work_properly' => 'Otherwise your application will not work properly.',
	'php_version' => 'PHP Version',
	'rewrite_module' => 'Rewrite Module',
	'internationalization' => 'Internationalization',
	'multibyte_string' => 'Multibyte String',
	'php_gd' => 'PHP GD',
	'json' => 'JSON',
	'xml' => 'XML',
	'the_minimum_required_version_is' => 'The minimum required version is',
	'off' => 'Off',
	'on' => 'On',
	'turn_it_on' => 'turn it on!',
	'some_requirement_are_not_yet_fulfilled' => 'Some requirement are not yet fulfilled.',
	'please_update_your_server_configuration_and_click_on_refresh_button_to_continue_the_installation' => 'Please update your server configuration and click on refresh button to continue the installation.',
	// Security
	'enter_your_secret_formula_to_secure_your_application' => 'Enter your secret formula to secure your application.',
	'encryption_key' => 'Encryption Key',
	'your_encryption_key' => 'Your encryption key',
	'cookie_name' => 'Cookie Name',
	'unique_cookie_name_to_prevent_conflict' => 'Unique cookie name to prevent conflict',
	'superuser' => 'Superuser',
	'first_name' => 'First Name',
	'last_name' => 'Last Name',
	'email_address' => 'Email Address',
	'password_for_superuser' => 'Password for superuser',
	'retype_the_password' => 'Retype the password',
	// System
	'the_encryption_key_cannot_be_empty' => 'The encryption key cannot be empty!',
	'the_encryption_key_contain_unsupported_symbol' => 'The encryption key contain unsupported symbol!',
	'the_cookie_name_cannot_be_empty' => 'The cookie name cannot be empty!',
	'the_cookie_name_contain_unsupported_symbol' => 'The cookie name contain unsupported symbol!',
	'the_first_name_cannot_be_empty' => 'The first name cannot be empty!',
	'please_enter_your_valid_email_address' => 'Please enter your valid email address!',
	'the_username_must_be_in_alphanumeric_only' => 'The username must be in alphanumeric only and using minimum 5 characters!',
	'the_password_cannot_be_empty' => 'The password cannot be empty!',
	'the_password_confirmation_did_not_match' => 'The password confirmation didn\'t match!',
	'enter_the_basic_system_configuration' => 'Enter the basic system configuration.',
	'you_will_able_to_change_it_after_installation' => 'You will be able to change it after the installation.',
	'installation_mode' => 'Installation Mode',
	'basic_with_sample' => 'Basic (With sample)',
	'developer_without_sample' => 'Developer (Without sample)',
	'timezone' => 'Timezone',
	'site_settings' => 'Site Settings',
	'site_title' => 'Site Title',
	'enter_the_site_title' => 'Enter the site title',
	'site_description' => 'Site Description',
	'enter_the_site_description' => 'Enter the site description',
	'upload_setting' => 'Upload Setting',
	'allowed_file_extension' => 'Allowed file extension',
	'allowed_image_extension' => 'Allowed image extension',
	'separate_with_comma' => 'Separate with comma',
	'maximum_upload_size' => 'Maximum upload size',
	'image_width_dimension' => 'Image width dimension',
	'original' => 'Original',
	'thumbnail' => 'Thumbnail',
	'icon' => 'Icon',
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