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Description: Tutorial
Class: StructObject
Create objects from list of strict type variables
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=== What is StructObject ===
StructObject is a PHP-Class what behaviors a little
bit like the struct in C/C++.

=== Where does this class come from ===
This class comes from my CMS Ciwii which is not
released yet.

=== How to use StructObject ===
It is simple. You create a new instance of
StructObject and define your properties, like this:

	require_once "Struct.php";
	$struct		= new StructObject (
		 property2			= with default value,
		 property3			= ' with another default value ',
		 property4A			= Default-Value,
		 property5:integer	= 5"

So, there are many ways to define a property. You
can even define a property with multiple allowed
	//Code from above
	$struct2	= new StructObject (

To get its value, you call it like a real property:
	//Code from above
	echo $struct->property2;

The absolute-variant gets initialized when writing
an upper A to the end of property-name.
Now you can set values to the property. In our example:
	//Code from above
	$struct->property4		= "Hello world";
If you want to output the content of the property,
you can write the example above. If you only want to
output the content, if it is not default, write an
upper A to the end of its name:
	/* If value of $struct->propertyA would be Default-Value
	** an empty string would get returned
	echo $struct->property4A;

Another feature is a strict class-type as property-value.
To define something like that:
	$struct3	= new StructObject (
Now the following lines would stop executing the script
with an error-message:
	//Code from above
	$struct3->property		= 'a string';
For more information send a message to info at phpclasses dot org.