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Role: Auxiliary data
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Description: Auxiliary data
Class: PHP FTP Client Library
Manage files in remote FTP server
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Date: 3 months ago
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Change Log

1.7.0 (2022-03-14)

  • Added support of PHP version '8.1' (#34).

1.6.1 (2022-02-27)

  • Integrated the GitHub actions to run the integration tests automatically (#31 - #32).
  • `FtpClient::copyToLocal` now throws an exception if the source remote path is file type and the local destionation directory is not found.

1.6.0 (2022-01-31)

  • Upgraded the code base to PHP `^7.4`.

1.5.3 (2021-11-26)

  • Added new method `FtpClient::appendFile`.
  • Added getters and setters for various classes (see commit).
  • Removed the deprecated `ConnectionInterface::isSecure`.
  • Removed the deprecated `ConnectionInterface::isPassive`.
  • `FtpClient::fileSize` is now throw exception if the giving file is a directory type or an error occurs.

1.5.0 (2021-10-08)

  • Upgraded the code base to PHP v7.2.
  • Upgraded PHPUnit to ^8.0.
  • `FtpCommand::raw` is now throw an exception in failure.
  • `FtpWrapper::getErrorMessage` returns empty string instead of null if no error message is available.
  • `FtpClient::getFeatures` throws exception in failure.
  • Fixed `FtpClient::createDir` for multiple directory creation.
  • `FtpClient::getFileContent` now throws exception if the passed file is a directory type instead of returning false value.
  • Fixed PHPDoc for some methods.

1.4.2 (2021-10-01)

  • Fixed `FtpClient::getFileContent` to get the correct file content for binary files (#20).
  • Added a new optional parameter `$mode` to `FtpClient::getFileContent` to specify the FTP transfer mode that will be used to get the files content.
  • Fixed `FtpClient::listDirDetails` for FTP servers that do not send the DOTS files pointers in directories listing operations (#21).

1.4.1 (2021-08-20)

  • Fixed a bug with `FtpClient::listDir` (#17).
  • Deprecated `ConnectionInterface::isPassive`.

v1.4.0 (2021-08-08)

  • `FtpClient::fileSize` fixed for servers that not support `SIZE` feature.
  • `FtpClient::listDir` fixed compatibility issue with some FTP servers.
  • `Connection::isConnected` fixed bug : if the connection is not established yet the method was returned a NULL value instead of false.
  • `FtpCommand::raw` improved and added the `end-message` to the returned array.
  • `FtpClient::isDir` performance optimized.
  • `FtpClient::listDirDetails` improved (No Breaking Change).
  • `FtpClient::getFeatures` is now returns false in failure.
  • `FtpClient::isFeatureSupported` can now throw a `FtpClientException` exception.
  • `ConnectionInterface::isSecure` is deprecated see #15.
  • The integration tests refactored and optimized.

v1.3.5 (2021-06-27)


  • `FtpClient::isDir` and `FtpClient::isFile` fixed servers compatibility, this two methods no longer depends on the untrusted `SIZE` feature to work.


  • `FtpClient::copy` method added.

Behavior changed

  • `FtpClient::getFileContent` returns false if the passed file is a directory.

v1.3.3 (2021-05-02)


  • `FtpClient::copyToLocal` method added.
  • `FtpClient::find` method added.


  • `FtpClient::setCurrentDir` renamed to `FtpClient::changeDir`.
  • `FtpClient::createDirectory` renamed to `FtpClient::createDir`.
  • `FtpClient::removeDirectory` renamed to `FtpClient::removeDir`.
  • `FtpClient::getDefaultTransferType` renamed to `FtpClient::getTransferType`.
  • `FtpClient::keepConnectionAlive` renamed to `FtpClient::keepAlive`.
  • `FtpClient::listDirectory` renamed to `FtpClient::listDir`.
  • `FtpClient::listDirectoryDetails` renamed to `FtpClient::listDirDetails`.
  • `FtpWrapper::getFtpErrorMessage` renamed to `FtpWrapper::getErrorMessage`.


  • Upgraded PHPUnits version to ^5.

v1.3.0 (2021-04-05)

  • `WrapperException` Added.
  • `ConnectionInterface::isPassive` Introduced.

v1.2.9 (2021-03-09)

  • Making methods more atomic.
  • Wrapped built-in FTP extension constants, all constants are available in the `FtpWrapper` class.
  • `FtpClient::listDirectoryDetails` is now returned an associative array with file paths instead of index integers.
  • Fixed `FtpClient::isDir` and `FtpClient::isFile` compatibility with servers that not support SIZE feature.

v1.2.7 (2021-02-22)

  • Added `$mode` parameter for `FtpClient::createFile` method.

v1.2.6 (2021-02-12)

  • Added `FtpClient\Connection\Connection` abstract class.
  • Introduced `ConnectionInterface::isSecure`.
  • Introduced `ConnectionInterface::isConnected`.

v1.2.4 (2021-02-12)

  • Introduced `FtpClient::copyFromLocal`.
  • Fixed `FtpClient::asyncDownload` method. (#8)
  • Improved markdown documentation.

v1.2.2 (2021-01-24)

  • README documentation improved.

v1.2.0 (2021-01-12)

  • Upgraded to PHP 5.6.0 version.
  • Supported the `usePassiveAddress` runtime option.
  • Added more options for unit testing (`PASSIVE`, `INITIAL_DIR`).
  • Removed `USESSL` option for unit testing.

v1.1.0 (2020-10-13)


  • Removed `FtpBaseConfig` class.
  • Removed `FtpClient::getTransferMode` method.
  • Removed `FtpClient::isEmptyDirectory` & `FtpClient::isEmptyFile` use `FtpClient::isEmpty` instead for both files and directories.

Behavior changed

  • `FtpClient::removeFile` & `FtpClient::removeDirectory` methods now doesn't throw an exception if the given file doesn't exist, but instead returns false.
  • `FtpClient::createFile` now doesn't throw an exception if the file name already exists on the server, instead, the remote file will be overwritten.
  • `FtpClient::createDirectory` now returns true if the giving directory already exists instead of throwing an exception.


  • FTP error handling improved, the `FtpWrapper` is now responsible for detecting and muting FTP functions errors.
  • Unit tests improved.
  • Docs improved.

v1.0.2 (2020-8-17)

  • Fixed `isExists` method (#5).
  • Fixed error handling of `createDirectory` & `createFile` methods (#5).

v1.0.0 (2020-8-15)

  • Fixed listDirectoryDetails not working with directories contains spaces. (#2)
  • Fixed listDirectoryDetails incorrect file path. (#4)

v1.0.0-RC1 (2020-5-17)

  • First release.
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