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Class: PHP Native Mobile App Dispatcher
Redirect a mobile device to use a native app
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Last change: 2015-08-06 detectMobileFamily() method fixed to support a specific agent
Date: 3 years ago
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MobileDispatcher PHP class

MobileDispatcher PHP class is a GNU LGPL class to redirect a mobile device to the dedicated App for this family of mobile devices.

Thanks to this dispatcher, you can now distribute a single QRcode with the same URL inside to distribute an app for various mobile device families (for example:

If the family of a device is not detected, the list of the Apps for all families is displayed instead.

(c) 2014-2015 SysCo systemes de communication sa

Current build: (2015-08-06)



    $mobile_dispatcher = new MobileDispatcher();

        'TOTP/HOTP code generator'

        'Google Authenticator'



Check mobile.dispatcher.demo.php for a full implementation example.

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