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Role: Auxiliary data
Content type: text/markdown
Description: Auxiliary data
Class: Kecik
MVC framework library as single PHP file
Author: By
Last change: Update Changelog Version 1.1.0
update changlog for version 1.1.0
Date: 7 years ago
Size: 1,544 bytes


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* Additional config variable, url, assets, requests, container and db in the controller * Change $this->input into $this->request * Changescontroller beresponse oryield * Additional header * Additional middleware Before / After * Additional route group * Additional method put, delete, options, patches * Bug fixes encode route 64bit * Additional CLI running * Template execution after execution controller / route * The addition of template parameters to replace forcibly * Additional request for the file handle file uploads


* bug fixes on route with get parameters * bug fixes on autoload dynamic libraries * bug fixes pattern route * adding logo * additional config for mod_rewrite * additional function/method is in route for get current route pattern * additional autoload libraries * additional libaries DIC and Language


* bug fixes for cli server * bug fixes Autoload MVC * move config to path.mvc * edit code setCallable, now using pattern * route Post and Get is now working properly * additional server cli for run without apache * additional route isPost, isGet, isAjax


* bug fixes at template * bug fixes function url->redirect * repair manual * separation file manual * additional fungsi url->to() * additional example a simple project


* create core/system framework * create Route * create URL * create Input * create Assets * create Config * create MVC