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Role: Auxiliary data
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Description: Auxiliary data
Class: PHP SOAP Package Generator
Generate package to call SOAP services using WSDL
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Last change: update changelog
Date: 5 years ago
Size: 6,092 bytes


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  • issue #40 - Support for SSL Context Options
  • issue #41 - Support for arrays - The addTo{property name} method has been added and accept an item to be added to the property. If the item is not of the correct type depending on the item's type, it throws an \InvalidArgumentException. - The set{property name} has been reviewed in order to throw an \InvalidArgumentException if the array passed as parameter contains an invalid item. In the case of an array of values which are defined using an enumeration, it throws only one exception indicating which values are incorrect.
  • issue #43 - "composer-name" required even if "standalone=false"


  • issue #36 - All tags defined by a Type outs empty in soap requests
  • BC: - classmap returned by ClassMap::get() method is now correct for namespaced struct classes, so it's more of a break changes fixation. Before that, your XML request may be incomplete due to this issue


  • issue #35 - __Construct set methods call and enum value conflict


  • issue #34 - Name "0001CreateRequest" is invalid, please provide a valid name
  • issue #33 - Name "" is invalid, please provide a valid name (operation named 0001CreateRequest)


  • Improve readme file, Wiki has been created and filled up with useful additional informations into the FAQ page.


  • issue #30 - Possibility to load our own options file when using the command line
  • bin/wsdltophp.phar has been removed as it always be tagged with an anterior version than the actual published version. wsdltophp.phar is always available at


First major release: - issue #32 - Wrong Header Namespace ? - issue #31 - Unable to create function parameter for method "mapIpndDetailsToNumber" with type "NULL" - BC:

- \Generator\Generator::_generateClasses_() has been renamed to _generatePackage_


  • issue #29 - Throw an exception instead of returning false - add getValidValues to EnumType generated class
  • issue #28 - Define the destination folder name for each type
  • issue #26 - Global sanity checks for more flexibility - add composer_name option - BC: - ClassMap::classMap method has been renamed to get as prefix and suffix are not required from now otherwise it generates a Fatal error such as _PHP Fatal error: Constructor ClassMap::classMap() cannot be static_ - composer name for the generated package is new and required
  • issue #25 - Generate package under src folder
  • issue #24 - ErrorException: Use of undefined constant JSON_PRETTY_PRINT
  • issue #13 - classmap and namespaces are wrong when not using a prefix
  • issue #21 - Inherited class generates wrong object in php


  • Fix URL to download phar file


  • Add wsdltophp.phar file using Box project to create it, ```wsdltophp.phar``` should be used from now instead of ```console```
  • Move classes under src folder, rename Tests to tests, rename Resources to resources, update composer.json and phpunit accordingly
  • BC: - Usage of GeneratorSoapClient as SoapClient handler that uses AbstractSoapClientBase as base SoapClient handler - Generator class does not inherit from \SoapClient class anymore
  • Improve Utils::getContentFromUrl() and Generator::getUrlContent() methods
  • Suffix is now an option as Prefix, read the readme to learn more about it
  • Use GeneratorAware layer to share Generator object among created objects
  • Use configuration file/reader for Xsd types
  • Improve SoapClient\Structs parser
  • Fix ArrayType methods (item, first, last, current, offetGet) return annotation
  • export composer.json file generation into a new File\Composer class
  • improve unit tests
  • BC: - From now, Wsdl origin, package destination, basic authentication credentials, proxy and SoapClient options are contained by the GeneratorOptions instance - Generator instanciation and usage reviewed, now it only accept one parameter, a GeneratorOptions object - Removal of WsdlContainer class
  • Generator simplification by handling only one Wsdl at a time as it was only possible to do so, code refactored in this way
  • Adding the possibility to set the parent class for StructType, ArrayType and ServiceType generated classes (options: wsdl-struct, wsdl-structarray, wsdl-soapclient)
  • File\Tutorial class alows to name the generated file as we want
  • Reserved keywords only come from configuration file
  • Define \InvalidArgumentException's code as the current file line
  • Remove no more used methods/constants from Model\AbstractModel
  • Add editor config file


  • First major release candidate version - Deep refactoring of all old original classes - Performance optimizations - Usage of PhpGenerator package for any generated PHP file - Namespace support - Composer usage for generated package dependencies - Externalization of main classes from which any Struct/Array/Service generated class - auto-generation sample.php file renamed to tutorial.php - Usage of PackageBase package - Enhancements and consolidations on generated Struct classes: - Fluidity - Less annotations - Properties are all well retrieved - Options removal for simplifications: - SendArrayAsParameter, - SendParametersAsArray, - GenerateAutoload, - GenerateWsdlClass, - SubCategory, - InheritsClassIdentifier


  • Fix unit tests according to previous changes


  • issue #9 - Leading zero not taken into account in enumeration classes
  • 10 - --wsdl-genautoload=false also controls creation of sample.php file (console mode)


  • 7 - PHP warning on str_repeat()


  • Create tag with correct composer.json file


  • Initial version created from original project WsdlToPhp.
For more information send a message to info at phpclasses dot org.