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Role: Documentation
Content type: text/plain
Description: Log of changes
Class: BlueTOC
AIM client using TOC instant messaging protocol
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Last change: v2.3.000
Date: 17 years ago
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* 2.3.000 o [FIX] Some event arguments have been updated (the PARAM# ones) o [FIX] "TOC3" features now function reliably o [FIX] Login issues fixed if supplied AIM username was not fully lower case and space-less o [FIX] AIMClient::add_buddies now works o [FIX] AIMClient::set_config now works o [NEW] AIMClient::chat_send now utilizes "TOC3" o [NEW] AIMClient::send_im now utilizes "TOC3" o [NEW] AIMClient::chat_accept o [NEW] Login now utilizes "TOC3" toc2_login over TOC2 toc2_signon o [NEW] Encoding support (low level only) o [NEW] New capability constants o [NEW] New event: before_sign_on o [NEW] Event sign_on now reports new config argument o [UPDATE] AIMClient::send_im_encoded removed entirely o [UPDATE] AIMClient::chat_send_encoded removed entirely o [UPDATE] AIMClient::add_buddy removed entirely o [UPDATE] TocProtocol::aim_buddies_data is depreciated (access it from the sign_on event) o [UPDATE] Tutorial now implements event sign_on * 2.2.000 o [NEW] AimClient::get_status o [NEW] AimClient::client_event o [NEW] New event: new_buddy_reply o [NEW] New event: alias_updated o [NEW] New event: group_deleted o [NEW] New event: buddy_deleted o [NEW] New event: permit_deleted o [NEW] New event: deny_deleted o [NEW] New event: group_inserted o [NEW] New event: buddy_inserted o [NEW] New event: permit_inserted o [NEW] New event: deny_inserted o [NEW] New event: client_event o [NEW] New event: caps o [NEW] New event: bart o [UPDATE] MultiplexListener depreciated in examples * 2.1.012 alpha o [FIX] Compatibility with PHP 4 issue fixed in MultiplexListener o [UPDATE] examples updated to reflect changes * 2.1.011 alpha o [FIX] Fix of misspelling of event handler in EVENT_CHAT_INVITE_RECV * 2.0.000 (new branch) o Object oriented event handling o Multiplex listener for multiple clients in the same script o Upgrade to use version 2 of TOC o Separation of client to server commands into a new class o New debugging mode to dump commands o Change from f* to socket_* functions o Upgrade of inefficient code o Separation of sign in to a multi-step process o Renaming of event constants o Changed default TOC host * 1.3.034 o [FIXED] warning other users now sends the correct request string to the server * 1.3.020 o [FIXED] aim_nick class variable now returns the nickname NOT prefixed with "NICK:" o [FIXED] buddy messages from IMs and chats are now returned correctly (not broken at the : [colon]) o [FIXED] sign_off() correctly closes the socket o [FIXED] error handling fixed at various points o [UPDATE] example script updated to reflect bug fixes and for improvements * 1.0.000 o Initial release