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File: mail.txt
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Description: Documentation for the two classes
Class: MIME Mail and SMTP
Send HTML or plain text emails with attachments
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MIME Mail and SMTP Classes
By Devin Doucette
Copyright (c) 2004 Devin Doucette

There are two classes involved here.  The first is mimemail, which is 
used to create email messages with varying levels of complexity.  The 
second is smtpmail, which connects to an SMTP server and sends the 
emails that have been created with mimemail.  I will explain both 
classes briefly below, and attach an example in another file.

When you set the HTML section of the email, it will parse the HTML and 
automatically embed any files into the email that are on the server 
that is sending the email.  This only applies to files with the following 
extensions: gif, jpg, jpe, jpeg, png, bmp, tif, tiff, swf, wav.
If you wish to modify this behavior, edit the $filetypes array in the 
mimemail class.

If an error occurs in either class, it will be added to the error array 
contained within each class.

Here is a short overview of all the functions that you may need to call 
from the mimemail class:

Call this before you send the email to compile all its parts
function compilemail()

(Optional if using setplain instead)
Sets the HTML version of the email
function sethtml($data)
$data is a string containing HTML

(Optional if HTML version was already set)
Sets the plain text of the email
function setplain($data)
$data is a string containing plain ASCII-encoded text

(Optional) Set the character set being used
function setcharset($data)
Example: setcharset("iso-8859-1") [Which is the default]

Set sender address using:
function setsender($email,$name=null)
$email is a string containing the address, $name (which is optional) is 
the name of the person who is sending the email.

(Optional) Set return address using:
function setreturn($email,$name=null)
Same arguments as for setsender

Set subject using:
function setsubject($data)
$data is a string containing the subject

Add recipients using:
function addrecipient($email,$type)
$email is a string containing the address
Valid values for $type are "To", "Cc", and "Bcc"

(Optional) Set X-Mailer using:
function setxmailer($data)
$data is a string containing the value you wish to send for X-Mailer

Add attachments using:
function addattachment($filename,$data=null)
To add a file from disk, just pass the file name with no value for data.
To add a file from memory, pass the file name you want, and pass the data as $data.

Here is a brief overview of the smtpmail class:

This is the constructor
function smtpmail($hostname,$smtpport=25)
$hostname is the host name of the SMTP server you're using
$smtpport only needs to be set if it is not 25

Use this function to send mail:
function sendmail($headers,$message)
$headers and $message are the $headers and $message member variables of 
the mimemail object that you have created. Be sure to call openconnection 
before attempting to send mail.

Call this to open the connection to the server
function openconnection()

Call this to close the connection to the server
function closeconnection()
For more information send a message to info at phpclasses dot org.