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PHP DS Functional
The PHP DS extension provides a more efficient way to manipulate common data structures like vector, set, stack, queue, map, deque, and pqueue.

This package provides a simple way to convert values to be used by the functions of the PHP DS extension.
PHP Game of Three
The Game of Three is a board game that works by allowing the play to arrange pieces in the board until he forms the arrangement requested by the game.

This package uses Websockets to provide a PHP-based implementation of the Three Game that is interactive, so the game works well without reloading the page when the player moves the pieces on the board.
PHP CLI Spinner
Sometimes applications need to execute tasks that take a long time to finish. It is always good to provide feedback to the users to let them know what is happening, avoiding that the users become too anxious.

For console-based applications, usually, a cursor may appear blinking, but that does not give feedback on whether the current application is running well.

This package implements a better solution by showing the cursor changing its character, so it appears to be animated. This can give the users a better feeling by letting them know that the application is running.

The package implements a solution that uses a parallel process to animate the cursor character, so the application does not have to stop its main job to update the cursor animation.
Laravel Pages Package
Many sites provide dynamically generated pages to allow their users to create pages in any way they want.

The pages' content and attributes need to be stored, for instance, in a database, so the users can update the pages any time they want.

This package provides a solution to manage content stored in a database using Laravel model classes. It also supports having multiple versions of the page text attributes for different languages.
Mage Developer
Magento is a popular e-commerce package written in PHP. It usually runs on a common Web server.

This package can configure Magento to run using the PHP built-in Web server using a specific IP address and port.
Laravel Multiple Database
Usually, PHP applications only need to access a single database to store and retrieve the information they need to use.

In some cases, it may be necessary to connect to more than one database to perform operations that require access to information that is not all in the same database.

This package provides code to demonstrates so developers can learn how to connect to multiple databases in the same Laravel application.
PHP Async Executor
One way to run multiple PHP scripts simultaneously is to use the PHP CLI version and start it as a parallel process. The start is a bit slow because a new program needs to be loaded.

To start faster, this package provides a solution that can start the parallel process first before creating the actual script that the process will run.
PHP Case Converter for Twig
Sometimes developers need to convert the case of words into a text string. There are many types of case conversion.

This package provides a solution to implement case conversions of many types for values to be used to process templates using the Twig template engine.
PHP Network Monitor
Monitoring aspects of a server running on the Internet can be useful to diagnose problems that need to be fixed quickly to avoid causing damages to businesses that depend on that server.

This package implements a solution to monitor network connections on a given Linux server using the vnstat program or checking the system's virtual files related to network connections.
Np PHP Matrix Class
Matrix manipulation is often used to perform complex calculations for scientific purposes.

Many of those calculations require a lot of processing. So when it is possible to perform those calculations in a lower-level programming language like C or C++, those calculations can be done much faster.

This package allows performing many types of matrix manipulation operations using libraries written in the C/C++ languages.

Then using the FFI extension, PHP applications can call those libraries to get much higher performance when doing those calculations than they could use pure PHP libraries.

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