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Subject:Fossil another alternative
Summary:Fossil does most of what is mentioned and provides more features
Date:2015-08-20 04:42:37
Update:2015-08-20 20:23:16

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Picture of Jeff Jeff - 2015-08-20 20:23:16
Another alternative to those working on private projects and looking for an easier and lighter alternative to work with can try out fossil-scm, which provides even more features than GIT like issue tracker, wiki, source code navigation, etc... All of this contained in one single executable file. Fossil is developed by the SQLite author and uses SQLite to store a repository source code, which means that you only need to move around 1 single file when doing backups or copying your repositories to thumb drives to work on the go.

Another feature of fossil is how easy it is to host your repositories on an online server, the fossil executable binary can be used as a cgi application that provides a Web interface to any repository in a similar way that does for GIT. This web interface gives you all the basic tools mentioned before like, issue tracker, wiki, etc...

I encourage to anyone that still doesn't knows about fossil to visit its webpage which is hosted on fossil itself running in cgi mode: