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Practical usage under high load

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Subject:Practical usage under high load
Summary:It's very good idea and it's worth of using
Author:Oleg Zorin
Date:2016-10-29 03:27:23
Update:2017-06-12 19:44:38

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Picture of Oleg Zorin Oleg Zorin - 2016-10-29 03:38:41
Good day, Dima.

Your topic describes very good idea of chat realization.

I had one project (it have been closed). There were notification and chat systems based on the same idea, but it used long polling implementation.

We used: Browser > JS - PHP - Redis > Redis - NodeJS - JS > Browser.

Redis provides publish / subscribe tools and we used it as cache storage also.

NodeJS used as events server.

It was fine, but under high load NodeJS had memory leaking. And time to time we restarted it (once in couple days).

So, have you tested your chat system under high load?

Or if you have expirience of notification (chat) system's development in high load projects, please, share you knowledge.

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Picture of Trapenok Victor Trapenok Victor - 2017-06-12 19:44:38 - In reply to message 1 from Oleg Zorin
probably my answer is too late.
I this month i made loads tests for this project and i have good results.

In my PC i got 64000 online connections and spent only 5GB of RAM memory.

I was testing with tsung. full tsung report

Source code of comet server

Gif animation of test process