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The grammar makes the difference

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Subject:The grammar makes the difference
Summary:The grammar makes the difference
Author:Nikos M.
Date:2020-10-19 08:13:39

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Picture of Nikos M. Nikos M. - 2020-10-19 08:13:39
Thank you Manuel for this post!

I would like to add that what makes "Grammar Template" stand out from other template engines that may work in more than one platform (myself have another template engine as well for PHP, Python, JavaScript, "Contemplate") is that it uses intuitive grammar-like syntax and functionality. So it is like defining a "grammar specification" for your output.

This concept has its advantages (for example "Dialect SQL Builder" was built around "Grammar Template" engine). Of course like other template engines it can produce formatted output for whatever one wishes, but the "grammar" part is the defining feature in this case.

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