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dom adapter nzb parsing

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Subject:dom adapter nzb parsing
Summary:code to extract nzb content using dom adapter
Author:Michael Grier
Date:2006-12-11 17:52:13


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Picture of Michael Grier Michael Grier - 2006-12-11 17:52:13
took some trial and error to figure this out, so here's the code I got to work for getting the content out of an nzb.


header("Content-Type: text/plain");

$xml=new DOMAdapter();

foreach($files as $file){
echo $subject."\n";
echo ' '.$poster."\n";
echo ' '.$date."\n";
foreach($groups as $group){
echo ' '.$group->get_content()."\n"; // group name
foreach($segments as $segment){
echo ' '.$segment->get_attribute('number')."\n";
echo ' '.$segment->get_attribute('bytes')."\n";
echo ' '.$segment->get_content()."\n"; // message-id