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Subject:Important note regarding this class
Summary:no direct access to the audio stream
Author:Lukas Bonsch
Date:2022-05-04 01:22:44

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Picture of Lukas Bonsch Lukas Bonsch - 2022-05-04 01:22:44
Audio streams are not available through the Mixcloud API.
Mixcloud privde these two reasons for this:
- Mixcloud needs to know what has been listened to, so that Mixcloud can report usage, pay royalties and provide features such as 'Suggested Shows'.
- Mixcloud needs to pay the bills! Therefore Mixcloud can't give away the audio for free outside of simply because it costs Mixcloud to host and stream the files and pay royalties.

Because of this my class always returns the official iframe with the mixcloud player. There is no other way to access the audio stream in any other way

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