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mysql-db-export 1.0

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Subject:mysql-db-export 1.0
Summary:modify PHP MySQL Database Export to SQL
Author:Michael Wassil
Date:2018-01-23 05:00:32

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Picture of Michael Wassil Michael Wassil - 2018-01-23 05:00:32
This class works great to dump the entire database! Thanks for it. It's the best little script I've found yet to do so.

I'm using the class in a situation where I'd also like to dump only selected fields and selected records (columns and rows) from a single table. I'd appreciate it very much if you could give me some guidance to modify the script to enable that to happen.

Currently, I 'require_once' to get it into my own script where the database queries are initiated. The queries are based on variables passed from an HTML form to fetch the desired table, fields and records. These three variables could be passed to the class.

Thank you very much, Michael Wassil