How to send Push Msg to multiple Android phones at a time

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Subject:How to send Push Msg to multiple...
Summary:How to send Push Messages to multiple Android phones at a time
Author:Yogi Yang
Date:2017-07-25 04:52:42
Update:2017-07-25 06:26:59

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Picture of Yogi Yang Yogi Yang - 2017-07-25 06:26:59

This is for the first time that I am posting on this forums so if I make any mistakes please spare me.

I am using "PHP Push Notification Android and iOS: Send push notifications to Android and iOS devices" (

I have to send around 10k pushes every week. This is taking very long time around 2 hours at my end. If I get disconnected from net or close my browser then the push process gets aborted!

I want to know if we can send one single push message to multiple Android phones in one single call ($push->sendMessage($params)).

Is there any other way to see that the script completes sending push messages even if I close my browser?


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