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SMS Messages to Email: Get SMS Messages

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SMS Messages to Email


Picture of Roch Guillot by Roch Guillot - 8 years ago (2015-09-02)

Get SMS Messages

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How do I get SMS Messages to email?

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SMSGateway: API to send SMS messages using an Android gateway

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Picture of André Liechti by André Liechti package author package author Reputation 150 - 1 year ago (2022-10-12) Comment

Using an open source Android SMS Gateway App which is described in the documentation, you will be able to send and receive SMS using your Android phone with this simple PHP class. Data are stored in a flat-file structure, and some examples are provided. Receiving messages and status can by handled by callback functions that you define yourself. Implement the callback function when receiving messages and send an email (for example using the PHPMailer class), and you will be done !

PHP MIME Email Message Parser: Decode MIME e-mail messages

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Picture of Manuel Lemos by Manuel Lemos package author package author Reputation 23325 - 8 years ago (2015-09-02) Comment

You can configure your mobile phone to forward messages by email.

On Android you can use an app like SMS@Email to do that for you.

On iPhone you can configure your settings in Messages then Recieve At, and then use Add An Email below.

Then in PHP you can use this class to parse messages received for instance in a POP3 mailbox.

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